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tv   10 O Clock News  KICU  June 19, 2012 11:30pm-12:30am PDT

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a large crowd gathers as the city council in oakland considers the city's biggest development project in years. good evening everyone i'm frank somerville. >> and i'm julie haener. hundreds of millions of the dollars and thousands of jobs are at stake. tonight the oakland city council is poised to cast a critical vote on the future of the army base. joining us now, patti lee is live in oakland where hours of debate have been going on. >> reporter: i just stepped out of the meeting, the decision
11:31 pm
could come down in several minutes or in several hours. a crowd descended upon oakland's city hall by the full council. 143 people signed up to speak about the plan surrounding the redevelopment of the old army base. >> so what i'm asking is that we close all the loopholes pertaining to local hire, to be oaklanders to be first. >> reporter: a ban on the box that asks job applicants about their felony records. >> to put on a five year felony probation and i can't really apply for jobs with that felony on my records. >> reporter: council members pushed the developer for special consideration but all week there has been push back as the developer bought. >> there's a great deal of sensitivity. >> reporter: up to the start of the meeting negotiations
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continued as potential loopholes tightened. >> it's not over until it's over but it's good to see that there was me -- negotiation and making sure these jobs go to oakland. >> reporter: there was a lot of pressure to come to an agreement tonight. that's because $244 million in this state earmarked specifically for this project was tied to tonight's vote. we are going to head back upstairs and let you know what council decides when they make that vote. patti lee. more details now the proposal before the council would transform the base into a shipping, packaging and distribution center servicing the port of oakland. the council is being asked to approve a number of resolutions to complete agreements with the port, east bay mud and developers. if approved improvements could begin late next year. firefighters are still monitoring the scene of two alarm fire at the base of mount
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diablo. channel2 is over head as flames overcome a home. ken wayne live in contra costa where he learned that the home was once a rest stop for hikers. >> reporter: you can see behind me the house is burned. we have learned this house is close to 200 years old. workers have put up fences around it to protect it from lookie lus trying to get inside. you can see this house is nearly destroyed. but what firefighters did was protect other homes, there's a home right next to it. firefighters will be out here through the next several hours maybe until tomorrow morning making sure this fire does not reignite. >> the fire erupted just after 3:00 this afternoon sending smoke billowing up the slopes of mount diablo. >> i was in my office which overlooks the canyon and i heard a noise, looked out and there was a wall of flames. >> reporter: jerry mokahey says it didn't sound like a large
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explosion but the fire was big enough to make him worry about his own home. >> it was a fire, it was not a whisk that developed into something. it was an immediate fire ball. >> it seemed just a little bit. but minutes later we go around the bend and we see a big cloud of smoke. >> reporter: the fire stranded residents and hikers. >> hoping everybody was okay, hoping it wasn't a house. nobody wants to see their house go up. >> there's three houses on that property, one of them is a complete loss. the other two are intact. then about 2 acres of wild land burned. >> reporter: the main house that burned is believed to be the cabin once known as mary's haven. a popular stop where hikers could grab refreshments. >> we just have to make sure it's out. we do have very heavy mop up and get a cool line around it so we have no threat of the
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fire reigniting as the winds come up. >> reporter: three cal air fire aircraft were battling this fire. firefighters say they want to make sure they aggressively attack small fires so they don't become large ones. live in contra costa county, ken wayne. some more details now, i was in the area and saw the smoke and heard the helicopter so i went to make a look and this is what i saw. it was full of fire trucks. firefighters and hoses. it's a really difficult space for fire crews to maneuver their equipment. residents were also coming out to see what happened but the fire crews were keeping everyone away because of downed power lines in the area. a wildfire that threatened homes this afternoon ended up burning 31 acres. the fire started just before 2:00 on coon sville road.
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the flames came within feet of houses but fortunately none of those houses were damaged. it took fire crews eight hours to get the fire under control. tonight the cause of the fire is under ár still under investigation. new video tonight after a passenger train struck and killed a person on the tracks in union city. it happened around 6:00 this evening near the intersection of ches eway. authorities have not yet released the identity of the person killed. there's new development involving last week's fire in west oakland that destroyed a senior center leaving thousands of commuters stranded. workers from the bureau of tobacco said fire experts from around the country will join them tomorrow morning to help them determine what caused the
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fire. it was early yesterday morning that the area went up in flames. coming up in 15 minutes a bike thief who's been busy at b.a.r.t. stations. the bust that has now police asking if you've recently had your bike stolen. there's new information on the man who is accused of molesting two young girls and a mentally disabled teenager. prosecutors say bailey worked at a san jose facility for the mentally disabled called achieve kids where he allegedly sexually assaulted an 18-year- old female resident. he's also accused of sexually molestic two young girls. today bailey's former mother-in- law spoke out in his defense. >> he would never mess with no
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kids. he would never mess with no kids. >> why do you think this happenedded then? >> they're trying to make an example, that d.a., that d.a. >> reporter: prosecutors think they think there may be other victims that have not come forward. oakland police tell us they have now identified a body found in the estuary this morning. police say it was a 27-year-old man but they are not releasing his name yet. witnesses say there were weights attached to the man's head. investigators say they haven't yet determined if his death was a homicide or a suicide. the family of a san leandro woman who died in a horrific workplace accident is in mourning tonight as they await answers from investigators. the 66-year-old woman was run over by heavy equipment while working at the foot of davis
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street in san leandro. janine de la vega spoke to the victim's family. >> it's hard to take in because of how it happened, it's still surreal. i kind of don't want to believe it happened. >> reporter: maria macias and sister anna are still in shock that their mother eva macias is gone. she was 66 years old who loved travel and loved going to the gym. her family says she loved her job. >> she was always very careful, very smart. >> reporter: macias was directing traffic when the front end loader of a tractor struck her. the driver said he didn't see her. surveillance cameras captured images of the incident. cal osha are conducting their own investigation. >> it's a loss we all feel. and it's something that we're
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touched by and we send out our condolences to her family. >> reporter: the driver has worked here for 22 years and has a clean record. he is on paid administrative leave. the agency says only 22 people work in that division and it is a very tight nit group that was well aware of safety on the job. macia cease daughters are waiting for answers. >> we don't know all the details, so i don't want to just assume, you know. i have to get all the details first. >> reporter: macias leaves behind her husband of 40 years, two daughters and five grandchildren. reporting in san leandro, janine de la vega. overseas former egyptian president hosni mubarak is said to be close to death tonight and this is adding to the turmoil that's already gripping that country. officials said mubarak was on life support after suffering a stroke in prison but they are denying other reports that he's been declared clinically dead. the 84-year-old mubarak was sentenced to life in prison for the killings of protesters
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during last year's uprising. mubara ruled egypt with an iron fist for three decades. -- that leaves little power to the next president. the muslim brotherhood claims that its candidate won that election but his rival a former member of the mubarak regime is also claiming victory. final results are expected this thursday. it's been two weeks since california voters cast their ballot and the measure that would add a $1 tax to a pack of cigarettes is still too close to call. 500,000 ballots outstanding. proposition 29 is trailing by 1,500 votes. in order for the tax to pass, 54% of the remaining ballots would have to favor the measure. since the june 5th primary, proposition 29 is seen headed to defeat by razor thin margins. a boat up in flames. the test drive that ended right in the middle of a river and what's to blame for the fire.
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back here in 10 minutes, the fog has cleared from the coast but it's coming back. temperatures tomorrow, i'll let you know how warm they're going to be in your neighborhood. back here in 10 minutes with your wednesday forecast.
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the san francisco ethics
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commission finally began the hearings on suspended sheriff mirkarimi. amber lee has been at those hearings she's here to tell us what if anything was accomplished tonight. >> reporter: here at san francisco's city hall the ethics commission hearing ended just about 40 minutes ago. many questions still remain as commissioners schedule more hearings. we're told there'll be hearings next thursday, friday and then again on july 17th and 18th. mirkarimi is scheduled to take the stand next thursday. mayor ed lee and expert witnesses next friday. and then neighbor irene madison who made the video tape is scheduled to testify july 17th. and i'm told we have a video tape. supporters greeted mirkarimi
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with cheers and applause. >> whether it was a one time thing or to cause injury. >> reporter: for hours they debated on who will testify. still to be decided is whether to place into evidence this video. there's also the question as to whether who will testify. >> this process has been disrespectful to the voters. the mayor ignored the will of the voters. >> reporter: mayor ed lee told the voters he is prepared to testify and explained why mirkarimi should be removed permanently as sheriff. >> as one of the top law enforcement fishes for the city
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-- enforcement officials for the city, he ought not to have injured his wife. >> reporter: mirkarimi again is scheduled to testify next thursday and when i checked in with the ethics commission executive director, he told me the issue of the video tape will be decided by the commissioners as to whether to admit that into evidence sometime between now and next week's hearing. reporting live here at san francisco city hall, amber lee, ktvu channel 2 news. turning now to the race for the white house, mitt romney took time off the campaign trail today to deny a news report. the republican nominee for president has been on a five day bus tour of the midwest. at one stop in michigan, romney said marco rubio was not being vetted as a potential running mate. >> they know nothing about the
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vice presidential selection. marco rubio is thoroughly being vetted. >> only he and one other staff member know who is being vetted. marco rubio is considered a rising star in the gop, he's from florida, a battleground state and could draw latino voters to romney. he was almost killed in his shooting in arizona that wounded his boss, giffords. now ron barber has been sworn in as a new member of the house to replace giffords. the democrat was chosen in a special election last week to fill the seat left vacant by the registration nation of giffords. barber was serving as her district district director at the time of the shooting. his term only runs until the end of the year but he has already said he intends to run for a full term in november. the new immigration policy announced by president obama
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has left many undocumented individuals with many questions. cab drivers at oakland international airport are expected to get back to work tomorrow after a two day strike. drivers took their protests to jack london square today. they say the airport is allowing shuttles to pick up passengers in the same area where people line up for taxies and they're calling that unfair competition. taking a boat on a test ride nearly turned deadly when that boat caught fire. what saved the lives of three people on the san joaquin river in antioch. >> reporter: this boat exploded into a fire ball in the san joaquin river and even burned part of the pier.
11:49 pm
>> it's just a boat. who cares. you know, i'm happy. >> reporter: the boat was having engine trouble so he was headed back to shore when there was an explosion in the motor compartment. everyone abandoned ship and carol remembered to grab three life jackets before jumping into the water. >> it's a very lucky day for the gentleman. he did have, his hair was singed and he had a close encounter with fire. >> reporter: the fire department moved in quickly to make sure they could tow the boat before it ran into that restaurant. firefighters put out the flames. with a surprisingly swift current in the san joaquin river, life jackets today may have very well saveed the lives of those three people on board
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the boat. in antioch, alex savidge. searchers with the santa clara county made a new sweep of a south bay reservoir using special high tech equipment to search for sierra lamar. dive teams have searched the area for any signs of the missing teen. for the first time they're using high def sonar technology. the equipment picks up rocks, tree trunks even shadows and then creates a 3d imagine. >> once we pinpoint targets, then we will come back with the dive team. >> once the sheriff's team completes it's sweep searchers will help to colaro reservoir to continue their search there. most people would probably call it a sick prank. another hoax with someone pretending to be sierra lamar. a facebook posting said to be from sierra read, please call
11:51 pm
the police. he's coming back. in the postthe saratoga address was given. it turned out to be nothing more than an empty lot. this is the second time that someone has pretended to be sierra lamar since she first disappeared back in march. temperatures came up a few degrees today. overnight lows tonight are going to be on the cool side. right now along the coast the fog is barely there if at all. i have some puffs of fog out at pacifica. most of the fog is south of santa cruz. the fog tomorrow morning right along the coast. it will burn off rapidly tomorrow. overnight lows are in the 50s. that's the start for your wednesday. temperatures are going to warm. these were the highs from today. 91 in fairfield, 89 in livermore. not bad. temperatures are going to be right in there. and then a dramatic change as we go into the week into your bay area weekend. when we come back we'll have the complete forecast. a north bay man accused of
11:52 pm
stealing hundreds of thousands of the dollars from the group pearl jam. how prosecutors say he took the band's money and what
11:53 pm
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b.a.r.t. police say they have caught a thief who specialized in stealing bikes and it turns out bicycle thefts at b.a.r.t. station social security a problem that happens more often than you might think. ken pritchett reports tonight on what b.a.r.t. is doing to curve the problem. >> reporter: a station agent saw it happen a 47-year-old man walked up to this bike rack in a 24th station, took his pick of wheels and tried to get away on a train, he failed. >> he had five and he had a
11:55 pm
criminal history. >> reporter: five, five bikes found at the suspect's home and believed to all be stolen. those who ride bikes take it serious, just look at the chains on bikes. b.a.r.t. keeps track on how many bikes are reported stolen and where. berkeley's station tops the list. fremont and civic center tieing for fifth place. those numbers outpace last year when 507 bikes were reported stolen from b.a.r.t. stations. b.a.r.t. began a task force to tackle the problem but say the public must help by securing their bikes. even eve parent uses a lock. >> nobody wants it because it looks so bad. >> reporter: b.a.r.t.
11:56 pm
says they are using a number of tactics including using these tags on advice on how to secure unsecured bikes and they are also using undercover sting operations. on we have posted the story. a novado man is facing charges accused of stealing hundreds of thousands of the dollars from the well known rock band pearl jam. prosecutors in seattle say 54- year-old ricky goodrich who was an executive with the band's management company used more than $300,000 of pearl jam's money to pay off his credit card bills and pay for family vacations between 2006 and 2010. he is said to be in court sometime next week. stocks rose today on hopes
11:57 pm
the federal act to -- nasdaq picked up 34 points. facebook is now letting app developers charge fees for subscription. the menlo park company announced the new feature today. the company says it'll be available next month. facebook already allows one time payments for games and other applications on the site. a group of people rallied in san francisco to call for a new tax on the 1%. the so called robin hood tax and why some say it's a bad idea. some new health is on the way for workers who lost their jobs at a nummi plant in fremont. nummi shut down three years ago and put many people out of work. today the labor department announced if $6 million grant to keep job training going. the labor department had already issued a $19 million grant. it's a source of hope for
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new at 10:00 tonight, at least one bay area immigration attorney say it is phone calls into her office have been pouring into her office ever since president obama announced an order giving a reprieve to certain illegal students. some are still reluctant to come forward, eric rasmussen has the story. >> reporter: for those who have remained off the radar of immigration, they worry coming forward now can put them at risk for deportation later. just around the corner we
12:01 am
talked to one attorney who's been giving out a lot of advise lately. >> it's been great. great news. fun to tell people this. >> reporter: rita wilkenson domi -- domingo says her office has been swamped with phone calls ever since the president's announcement. >> just about everyone who's had a child who graduated or is in high school has called to find out if this is going to affect their child. >> it was a relief for me and my parents. it gives us an extra two years to work on our situation. >> reporter: we first talked to arturo jr. and his father when they were facing deportation last year. while their case is still pending this 25-year-old college student already has legal work authorization and is seeking a path to citizenship but he says the next step is not so simple for others.
12:02 am
>> it is a big, big tough situation for a lot of people. >> are some people afraid to come forward you think? >> very, yeah. >> we don't want people living in the shadows, we don't want people to be afraid of the government. we want them to come forward, pay taxes, contribute. >> reporter: and the president's new order on immigration is under attack already there's at least 1 billion that's been introduced into congress called the prohibiting back door amnesty bill of 2012 that seeks to block the president's actions. the chief executive of jp morgan chase got some tough questions today when he testified about his bank's $2 billion trading loss before a house committee. at one point jamie diamond got into a heated exchange with barney frank. >> we can't assume that's going to be the case for every financial institution. >> i also said it was going to be solidly profitable. last week die & appeared
12:03 am
before a senate committee and the questions were much less harsh. a key witness took the stand today in the jerry sandusky child sexual abuse trial. his wife, dottie sandusky testified she remembers most of the accusers but she says her husband never had inappropriate contact with them. the prosecution rested its case yesterday after presenting more than 20 witnesses. sandusky is charged with molestic 10 boys over a 15 year period. the 68-year-old denies the charges claiming the accusers have financial motive. police in lafayette are looking for a car that may be linked too a string of burglaries. investigators say a light blue buick four door sedan with a license plate number 5wzt563 matches the description of a car seen after several
12:04 am
burglaries. if you see that car, you are asked to call the lafayette police department. a vandal damaged a classic picasso painting at a museum in houston and a witness happened to catch it on their cell phone. the vandal spray painted it last wednesday. another person in the museum captured what happened and then posted it on you tube. the painting was done in 1929 it's called woman in red armchair. tonight the museum is saying that so far they've been able to repair most of the damage. one of broadway's most polarizing musicals is coming to a san francisco stage. it spotlights the issues of discrimination that in some ways still ring true today. >> reporter: it started in 1931 on a fright train in the deep south. two poor white women accused nine uneducated african american teenagers of rape. from then on the 13 to 19-year-
12:05 am
olds hitching a ride from alabama to memphis to find work became the scottsboro boys. and now the play these three legends of broadway helped create about that real life event has come to the american conservatory theater in san francisco. >> for all of us it's the most fulfilling piece we've ever done. >> reporter: susan strollan using high energy dance to bring the past to life. >> reporter: play wright thompson weaves together the facts. one of the women admits she lied about being raped and all white jury convict it is black teens. retrials and decades later how it finally ends. >> that's our responsible as a people to really understand things before we decide to make pronouncements. >> reporter: class discrimination, racial
12:06 am
injustice, issues raised in the musical that john kindler says still make headlines today. >> people with power who try to destroy people without power. >> reporter: the play scottsboro boys opens here thursday and runs through july 22nd. in san francisco, rita williams, ktvu channel 2 news. a plan to make yosemite park bigger. plus the latest on efforts to battle a wildfire in san diego county that's threatening more than 100 homes. back here in just 10 minutes, we're going to take a look at your wednesday and a major cool down headed our way. i'll have all the
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it looked like an out of control grass fire in dublin but it wasn't. this is a controlled burn at camp parks. the goal is to reduce the potential for a wildfire that could then spread to near by homes. the controlled burn is scheduled through friday but only if conditions are right. despite gusty winds and low humidity firefighters in san diego county are gaining ground on a stubborn wildfire there. over 100 firefighters are battling the blaze. flames destroyed one mobile home and a recreational vehicle. 150 homes have been evacuated. the fire is now 75% contained. >> federal lawmakers are working to contain the borders of yosemite park.
12:10 am
a new bill would add land to yosemite. the land fits between yosemite. if passed it would bring back land that was part of the park in the 1980s. president obama addressed several issues this evening at the close of the g20 summit. he says he's confident europe will be able to solve its debt crisis. president obama says it also affects the presidential election. in syria, the president noted china and russia are not aligned with the u.s. in london, wikileaks founder assange asked for asylum. assange is due to be extradited to sweden. he claims sweden will then send him to the u.s. to face trial for espionage. and in spain, striking coal
12:11 am
miners are turning more violent. police fired back with bullets. the miners say they fear the government will do away with their lives. at one point the miners got the stronger hand and forced officers out of town. some people are pushing a tax that they call robin hood tax. it's a light hearted approach to a very serious proposal. the protesters dressed up like robin hoods. they want a tax of 50-cents for every $100 in certain types of stock trades. >> this tax at this rate would raise three things, according to the financial experts. $350billion a year to pay for a central public services like health care, police, firefighters, libraries. >> some who work in the financial market say it's a bad
12:12 am
idea and would hurt the average investor. the san jose city council has agreed to pay thousands of the dollars on a stadium where the giants play ball. the city is going to pay $85,000 for maintenance of municipal stadium. san jose wants the a's to relocate but the san francisco giants are dead set against it. old outdated house or historic treasure? the demolition debate over [ man ] get the 20 piece mcnuggets.
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new information, tonight
12:15 am
the belvedere commission voted anonymously for a reknowned home to be torn down. ktvu's jana katsuyama with our report. >> reporter: looking at the one story house at 12 crest drive its beauty is definitely in the eye of beholding. the house was built in 1951 by prominent bay area architect clarence bahew. the new owners want to tear it down and apply for a demolition permit to rebuild on its property with its spectacular views of the golden gate bridge. >> this is the last bahew house that we know about in belvedere. they say mahew's house are being torn down one by one replaced by modernized structures. >> they need to be saved or we'll lose them for our
12:16 am
generation and our future generations. >> reporter: anser says the city's one page report that it fails to have historic importance is inaccurate. we tracked down mcallister. >>mahew was a very good architect but it is not one of his best works. is this a piece of architecture that should be saved for future architects to study, no i don't think it is. >> reporter: reports in belverede, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. new developements tonight about a buehrleing game nursing home at risk of shutting down. san mateo voted to put
12:17 am
burlingame -- a number of bay area hospitals are being treated for their treatment of the lgbt community. they looked at a number of criterias. training for staff of care. winners included, california pacific medical center. the marijuana battle in mendocino county will soon be the center of a new reality show. county supervisor approved a plan to allow studio lambert to
12:18 am
film the federal crack down. council members say the ban will allow the city to observe how state and federal governments will regulate dispensaries in the coming months. san leandro already has a moratorium on dispensaries and cultivation. it is set to expire in september. and the fog still clear from the coast at this hour. but strong and brisk on shore winds have cooled areas around the bay like oakland. we go to live storm tracker 2. here's alameda's weather center. oakland is at 67 degrees right now. overnight lows for all of us are in the 60s. low fog is going to return to the coast. tomorrow is a repeat of what we had today so what you had today, the amount of fog you
12:19 am
had, the temperatures you had very similar for your wednesdayful -- wednesday, then it all changes around. the forecast for fog tomorrow morning, not much going on. the model kind of leaves a little ride at the coast here tomorrow afternoon. there'll be some fog but it's going to be another clear day coast side once the mid-morning shows up. temperatures will be 90s in the central valley. but look at these cool numbers around here right around the bay. 60s and 70s right around the bay proper. good for firefighters and this pattern, this isotherm map is going to show cooler numbers and cooler temperatures as we go into thursday and friday and even saturday. santa clara, san jose, milpitas, good air quality. out toward pleasanton, san ramon and dublin you're going to get back into the mid- and upper 80s. that's tomorrow, and that's kind of what we had today. so wednesday looks like another nice day, a little bit of
12:20 am
coastal fog but the story, the big picture story here is this low pressure kind of bumps up to the coast. cools us off about 10 degrees on thursday. and this keeps us kind of mild and cool right through the weekend. that takes the fire danger down quite a bit. so that's good news for the local firefighters and northern california where this time of year as evidenced today of fires, the small ones good news. because they're not going to be looking at low humidities and high temperatures. today and tomorrow the warmest days of the week. then temperatures trend down dramatically. you're going to see that in the five day forecast with temperatures dropping a good 10 degrees. a drop off in number, kind of a cool pattern but nice. right at the coast, i think there's going to be some sunshine. the coast is -- the clouds having trouble reforming. there'll be a heat wave, it's going to be kind of cool for a while. >> sounds
12:21 am
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working its way through the area. the torch run promotes a great cause and gives officers a chance to show the public a different side. >> i think people need to see that police officers can do other things other than respond to calls. we do have compassion. we do care about folk, and to be part of the olympics community is a great thing. >> reporter: the torch is scheduled to arrive to uc davis friday for the northern california special olympics. mark is off, joe is in tonight, barry zito sure has cooled off. >> he did not get it done tonight. good barry zito has not shown up much in his last few starts and he was nowhere to be seen tonight as the giants played the angels in anaheim. the angels put the first two runners aboard then albert pujols did this, the ball find thunder mountain beyond if wall. move ahead to the third, after zito loaded the bases, cantos
12:25 am
with a drive to center that angel pagan could not reach. all runners come home including pujols. the giants are routed 12-5. the a's did the giants a favor against the best team in baseball. erin horan on the mound at the coliseum. seth smith singled to center then gwinn jr. let the ball get past him. cocoa crisp and smith both score. he later scored on a single by gomes. those three runs would stand up the entire way. that's because brandon mccarthy was sharp in his first start since being scratched on a start on june 7th with a sore shoulder. ryan cook finished up for oakland putting two on in the
12:26 am
ninth. cliff pentington stepped on second for one out then the game ending double play. the a's win 3-0 as three pitchers combine on the shut out. the group that predicted it would win multiple nba championships is one win away from getting their first. james gutting it out as he hurt himself putting the heat ahead of the thunder with 5-1/2 minutes left. james took a little more than a minute to regroup then entered the game tied at 94. he untied it on the way to a 36 point night. a well balanced miami attack to put the heat in front by five with 2:18 left. russell westbrook almost single handedly kept oklahoma city in it. the heat had the answers down the stretch. with james again watching mario chaumers go nor for two of his 25. it's a five point game with 44 second left. miami goes on to win and could
12:27 am
win the whole thing at home on thursday night. well the bay area goes from center of the golf universe to national spotlight in stock car racing this week with the toyota save mart 350 to be held. and the man in the helmet is our own fred inglis. the men who do this professionally will be on the track this weekend. and michael phelps will go out for trials. >> and michael phelps he is just unreal. >> let's see if he can still do it. >> four years later. >> i bet he can. >> that fred never slows down. >> no. >> thanks. >> and thank you for trusting ktvu channel 2 news, we'll see ktvu channel 2 news, we'll see you the next
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